3 Crayon Eye Makeup Eyeshadow for More Practical

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3 Crayon Eye Makeup Eyeshadow for More Practical


Crayon-shaped eyeshadow can be a solution for those who like the convenience and ease of applying eyeshadow. In addition, eyeshadow crayon also produces a more intense color without having to twist the brush over and over again.
Creamy formula makes it easy assimilated yet durable. Here we chose three eyeshadow crayon as a recommendation of your shopping.

1. Mavala Crayon Lumiere

Has a crayon texture is soft and easy to use, and produces an intense color and long lasting. Particle color with pearly effect makes eye makeup look more brilliant and dramatic. A thick cover for style glamor, or thin then applied to lighter and natural makeup. Available in 12 lustrous colors.

2. The Face Shop Dual Touch & Shine Eye Color

Pencil eyeliner and eyeshadow in one practical package. Use the smaller end of a pencil as eyeliner, and the larger end for eyeshadow. Good eyeliner and eyeshadow is easy to use and each has its intense color and shimmer. Can be used together or alone. Available in gold color of bronze, silver, navy and pink purple.

3. The Skin Food Creamy Smoky Crayon

Small tip that allows you to create smoky eyes makeup easily, even for beginners. Its texture is soft and easily assimilated, either with a sponge or a finger tip. Make a thick line on the upper eyelid, and blend gently using a sponge or fingers. Consists of four colors: smoky black olive, smoky brown, smoky purple and blue smoky black.
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