Tips Using Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners

How To Apply Eyeliner

Tips Using Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners

To add to the beautiful shape of the eyes, use eyeliner very reliable. The problem is not all women are able to apply eyeliner, especially liquid or liquid eyeliner types.

Using liquid eyeliner is more difficult, especially for beginners who do not usually wear makeup. It takes diligence and a lot of practice to be able to apply it neatly.

For easy to use liquid eyeliner, follow the following tips to our article

1. Form with Eyeliner Pencil

A line eye with eyeliner pencil. Using a pencil eyeliner easier. After using eyeliner pencil, follow the form of an existing line with liquid eyeliner to thicken and concentrate the color of eyeliner. Make sure your eyeliner pencils sharp, so the results of thin.

2. Slowly Apply

In order not to fall apart eyeliner, liquid eyeliner outline slowly. Do not use it in a hurry, because if the liquid eyeliner messy, difficult cleaned and you have to start over again.

3. Do Shaking hands

If shaking hands, it can be messy eyeliner. To be a steady hand position, put your elbows on the table. This method can avoid shaking hands.

4. Wait Until Dry

If you want to thicken the eyeliner again, let it dry first layer of eyeliner first. Women often make this mistake, while not yet dry eyeliner, try to bold again. This O What makes a mess of eyeliner.
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