How To Apply Eyeliner on Bottom

How To Apply Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner on Bottom

Never forget the power of eyeliner. Maybe that's the motto of her fans eyeliner. Scratches on the eye area can make the eyes look more sexy in a flash.

But many women who just use the eyeliner on the top line of the eye area only. It could be because of fear of excessive eye view. Whereas the right way, scratches eyeliner under the eye area may be to maximize the overall makeup and so much more dramatic.

As said by Lucinda Barreto, makeup artist from NARS, to tell the steps how to apply eyeliner under the eye area. following we describe in detail the step by step if you want to get cat eyes makeup look.
  • 1. Create a line from the center of the eye
By using eyeliner pencil, make a line from the center to the outermost tip of the lower eye.
  • 2. Thicker lines on the outside
Bold strokes of eyeliner on the outer edge line of the eye. When applying it, look down and raise your eyebrows.
  • 3. Flatten the color
Roll out the color and make sure the line looks straight / firm. Be careful not to get too thick.
  • 4. apply mascara
Wear mascara on lower lashes, with movements such as making lines. Simply apply a thin mascara.

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