How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner

How To Apply Eyeliner

How To Apply Pencil Eyeliner

To give more definition to the eyes, eyeliner is one of the beauty that must be used with eyeshadow and mascara. Still confused how to Apply eyeliner pencil ? The following tips :

1. eyeliner pencil. It is necessary to ensure that the tip of a pencil that will be applied near the eyes is always clean and new, for the convenience of application and eye health.

2. Apply eyeliner pencil. Close one eye that will be applied using a finger to pull the skin under the eyes to be more stable (see picture). Create points using eyeliner pencil on the edge of the upper eyelid, eyelashes grow near the line, starting from the forehead to the nose. So as to create tiny dots along the eyelid.

3. To create a smoky, use a special brush eyeshadow, put in the same color eyeshadow with eyeliner, shake to remove the flying wound. Brush eyeshadow brush at earlier points, blend to smooth out the remnants of the dots that look real. Tip : Brush eyeshadow has a rather stiff brush, and one end tapered.

4. Complete the bottom lashes. With the remnants of colors in eyeshadow brush, apply at the lower eyelid. Starting from the outer edge of the eyelid toward the middle of the eyelid, need not be applied until the entire bottom of the eye lids.

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