Crystal Liner Making Eyes More Shining

How To Apply Eyeliner

Crystal Liner Making Eyes More Shining

Many people say the eyes are the windows to the heart. To be a 'window' that can open and light, it will be main support came from an eye makeup.

Shape of the eyes can be strengthened by the use of eyeliner. Like most women, we used to just use black eyeliner only. Why not try a new makeup by using eyeliner with glitter and color, such as 'Crystal Liner' from NYX ?

'Crystal Liner' is a liquid and has a subtle glitter flakes. 'Crystal Liner' also comes in various colors. You can use it right in the line of the eye or be bold if you want a more glamorous makeup.

Shimmer or glitter makeup suitable for perfect makeup in the evening. NYX 'Crystal Liner' can be used as a makeup date, clubbing, or a wedding. You can instantly change the appearance of a more radiant, sexy and seductive.

Glitter eyeliner is available in 10 colors. There are gold, silver, purple, blue, green and many other color options. Interested ? Get 'Crystal Liner' only here Online Makeup Store
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