How To Use Eyeliner Your Eyes

How To Apply Eyeliner

How To Use Eyeliner Your Eyes


You can get this cosmetic pencil or gel (liquid). Although the first option seems the least risky for which we have no very steady hand, the fact is that getting the black eyeliner liquid is incomparable. You can also choose one or the other depending on the effects you want to create, and the second is that the lines get ultra defined the former may serve more to get a smoky look.

Eye Shape

  • Ripped : potencies sufficient that the qualities of your beautiful form along the top line of your lashes and lengthening perhaps a few millimeters with a thin line and discreet.
  • Together : Start with a thin line on the tear and extrude it in the end to the temple to create an effect that gets elongate the eye.
  • Memorial : Draw the line half an eye out using the stylus with the width you need to visually lift the outside of the eye.
  • Almond : Extend the line upward a few millimeters of widening the stroke as you get closer to the end.
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