5 Elements That Can Not Miss in a Makeup Kit

How To Apply Eyeliner

5 Elements That Can Not Miss in a Makeup Kit

There is a huge variety of makeup products. For the face, eye, lip, of well-known brands of lesser-known brands, etc. what woman would not like to have them all ?

However, in practice, when we go to makeup before leaving, always resorted to the same always, those products that are infallible, we never fail and can not miss on any makeup kit.

In Believe That The 5 Elements That Can Not Miss In a Makeup Kit Are :


As its name says it all : is the base. Its function is to standardize the appearance of the face skin, hide rings, spots, pimples and skin imperfections and prepare the face for the rest of the makeup.


We can dispense with the shadows, but not the eyeliner. In fact, the shadows not look if not we outlined our eyes. Or eyeliner liquid eyeliner pencil, make lines in our eyes are notoriously look.


The mask, also known as mascara, is the product that gives volume, thickness and length to our tabs. It is the final touch of a good eye makeup. A tip ? Always apply two layers of mask.


Flush or blush is the product that gives "life" to the face. In addition, if it is applied in adequate quantities, it provides more naturalness to the look because a face covered only basis is little attractive and artificial. A tip ? Apply blush of the same color that take your cheeks when you exercise or you're with heat, the so-called "natural blush".

Gloss for Lips

This is the most questionable element of this ranking; many prefer the lip gloss, others choose the lipsticks. I prefer the shine or gloss because it is more natural, although a red lipstick can also be another must have in our makeup kit.

Do you agree with this ranking ? Consider what other element essential in a makeup kit ?
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