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Green Eyeliner

The green eyeliner you can make the stars shine! It's all a matter of choosing the colors that are right for you.
The beauty of eye makeup

Your green eyes plays with colors and have the guarantee of care. If you prefer a bold look, spectacular or a smooth, low profile, you will find a variety of options are available to suit your eye color and skin tone. While a large aspect requires several components to assemble without problems, almost nothing compares to the enigmatic beauty of the perfectly formed eyes. Eye makeup is not just the eye shadow. Sure, a sweep of eye shadow is enough to make a statement in itself, but a completely made eye also incorporates the following products :
  • Eyeshadow Base
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
Some people choose to wear layers of foundation and mascara to the lashes very amp up your eye makeup. All these products serve their unique purposes, but nothing emphasizes and defines the eyes and eyeliner.

Choosing The Right Eyeliner For Green Eyes


Makeup is an art form, and therefore there is really no hard and fast rules when applying color cosmetics. However, some nuances, of course, adapt to the eyes of certain colors and skin tones better than others. That just means that their characteristics can be improved further by the use of these tones. Eye makeup for people with green eyes is a collection of particular interest because it is very wide and varied. There are plenty of options available to the green eyed girl (or guy!). A look sharp, vivid you can easily create a rich chocolate brown eyeliner, while a softer look can be achieved with a lighter color. Try these suggestions for colors and products to achieve a look that makes her green eyes stand out.

Plums and Violets


When it comes to the intensification of the green eyes, maybe it does better than a large plum or purple eyeliner. The color purple is opposite green on the color wheel, creating a stark contrast to what really makes the eyes stand out.
  • Almay cosmetics has two sets of green eyes, Bring to play up. The collection includes carrying out a soft liner pencil plum, perfect for daytime wear. Play your eyes for a night out with the purple liquid liner included. Smashbox Cream 
  • Eyeliner is an alternative to the traditional pencil liner. Smooth, creamy and easy to use, this coating is packaged in a small pot and is available in a bright color, royal purple midnight. It is ideal for an elegant evening in the city.


Brown and Bronze 


Using earth-tone colors is a sure way to play up green eyes. Brown, bronze and green tones similar in all complement each other well, and brown, in particular, is a great alternative to black, which may be too strong for everyday use.
  • Sephora Flashy Liner is waterproof and glides very smoothly for effortless application. Try to have fun in Flashy Copper Brown and flashy for matches perfectly complementary, or spend some time with bright orange to make a playful statement. 
  • Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Liner Shadow is a fresh take on the traditional coating. This loose powder can be used wet or dry, allowing you to experiment with different looks. Use a light hand to bring the coffee bean tones snuff, or wet the brush and give a dramatic effect with the love in the plum, brown tiger eye and copper wood.


Other Colors to Consider 


Although there is no shortage of color options eyeliner out there, the rainbow colors of eye shadow is virtually unlimited. Using an eye shadow eyeliner may have even more options when it comes to lining your eyes with only shadows make your eyes sparkle green. Try to improve your green eyes with one of the many MAC eyeshadows as sketches or Blackberry. These perfectly complement burgundy green. Another great partner for green eyes is gray; Print MAC is a shiny gray, subtle, which is very impressive and makes green pop! Do not miss beautiful green kit Pop Eyes, with 12 specially selected colors for your eyes shine like emeralds.


More Tips For Carrying Out Its Color 


Powder subtle yellow-gold highlighter on the brow bone to play up the green without going over.
The outline of the "V" of the eyelids with a burgundy or plum smoke to the eyes appear larger.
If you prefer blacks to browns, try a golden version, like Laura Mercier Black Gold Kohl Pencil new eyes.
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