Use Lip Liner

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How Use Lip Liner

There are many reasons why women tend to use the lip liner, either to shape the lips, to complete the make or enlarge small lips visually, among other reasons. We pass a few tips for you to know how to use lip liner :
  • First, always use a profiler with a tone as close as possible to the color of the lipstick that you will use.
  • To apply, outlining the basis of the lip corners up and down. When finished, blend with a brush.
  • If when you go to draw the line you see that the profiler does not slide smoothly, warm it by rubbing with your hands to soften a little.
  • The profilers to better trace the lips are smooth with mine as you can make the solid line without pausing.
  • To get a fluid line you can draw dots along the contour of the lips and then merge them using small strokes until you complete the drawing of the mouth. The unions do not seem to notice and did a single stroke.
  • If you want your sexy lips fuller shape with a shade darker than the lipstick on the outside of the natural line and then apply a lip gloss.
  • If your lips are thick on the other hand, shaping you them just for the internal part of the natural line to reduce its volume. Then fill them with shades of dark and mates in colors such as reds, Bordeaux or Browns.
  • Finally, if you want to prolong the color of your lips you can fill all the eyeliner and lips over lipstick wear the color you already had thought. Not only will last longer but have more intense color.
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